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Lisina Stoneburner has been actively coaching actors of all ages since 1991. Lisina has a very direct approach to actors and to teaching. Create a working relationship where the actor feels capable of being vulnerable and aware of their own range of capabilities and then challenging the actor to move beyond the obvious and create new and believable moments that are unique to the audience. Lisina works quickly to get to know the actor and accurately pinpoint what they have to access. Continuing then to show the actor, through interrogative script analysis and character development as well as preparation techniques how to create quality performances. 



Lisina is the Founder and Co-Executive Director of The Company Acting Studio. Originally from New York City, she is a well known teacher, acting coach and on set coach. Her school, established in 1996 houses one of the Southeasts most elite acting programs for kids and adults. 


Lisina is one of the most sought after on-set coaches in the southeast region. Her work with some of the most popular and long running television shows and blockbuster feature films is well known and highly regarded in the film and TV industry.


About Lisina


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