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Classes and Coaching





Coaching Services

Lisina offers private coaching for one on one training, role preparation, script coverage and audition coaching. She also offers private group classes. Please see all options below.




Audition Coaching

$110 per hour

For a live or Zoom or Facetime audition coaching, please send an email including the sides, breakdown and any other pertinent and important materials regarding your audition including the date of your audition, when you email to request an appointment. 

Be sure to provide your contact information. Including your cell phone number.

Audition coaching works best when the actor and Lisina have worked together in the classroom or privately prior to the audition coaching. We recommend being in class or making time to have some one on one sessions before engaging in Audition coaching.



Personal Coach

$295.00 for 6 lessons.

Limited clients.

One lesson required of those students who have not worked with Lisina before.

Personal coaching with Lisina Stoneburner Zoom or Live.

Audition assistance.

Mentoring and career guidance.

3 session minimum commitment.

Click HERE to purchase upfront session. If you are a current or former student email Lisina to inquire.


Private Acting or Role Prep Session 

$150.00 per hour

Exclusive training for the actor in a one on one session working on what the actor chooses, they can bring in material or Lisina can provide. The decision of what to work on is made after a brief email or phone conversation. Actors can choose to do a scene in this session with another actor and share he cost. Private Master Sessions are not recommended for beginner actors, these are best utilized by more advanced actors who are working towards specific goals in their skills set or do not have room in their schedules for ongoing classes. This is also for actors in need of role preparation for roles they are already cast in. Email




$600 for 5 hour class

An opportunity to design your own 5 hour class with your chosen friends or colleagues. The fee is split among the participants however they choose to divide it. You can have a class for 2 to 6 people. The participants decide what they would like to work on for the class time. i.e. auditioning, play study, character work, emotional triggers... then Lisina designs a class based on their ideas including material. Email Lisina to discuss.


Video View

$40 per 30 minutes of work time, viewing or giving notes.

An actor who wishes to have their video reviewed and notes emailed can send a video to . Please email to request this viewing first to make sure that Lisina has time to view it and return notes in your time frame. Once agreed upon, the actor should send the video along with the script and breakdown (if its an audition) and give Lisina 24 hours to respond. If you have the time, you can re-send the video for more notes. You will not be billed until you have notified Lisina the video is done being sent for review. Always be sure to give 24 for her to view the video when its sent, each time.

Send to:


$50-$100 for 30-60 minutes.

Discuss with Lisina or another studio director your goals and questions regarding your process, your career or your professional needs. This is donw either live, via Zoom, Facetime or on the phone. 



Script Coverage

$500 fee

Actors in need of Lisina to read and cover a script they are considering or actively working on can submit the script for thorough coverage. Coverage will include character analysis, plot breakdown, identification of the character arc, style notes and emotional insights. Ideally should provide two weeks for covering. Email


On Set Coaching

Lisina is available for weekly or daily bookings. Please contact her at to discuss the project for her availability and rate.



Directors Workshops

Lisina offers workshops for film and television directors who need time working on how to speak to actors, communicate efficiently and reach them on emotional and story levels. Click HERE for workshop details



Lectures and Seminars

Lisina is available for seminars and workshops. Please email her at discuss the project and for her availability and rates.




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