DIRECTORS WORKSHOP w/ Coach Lisina stoneburner 

learning to communicate creatively and effectively with actors

For directors who are either new to directing TV and film or directors who wish to have an intensive workout on their approach. This workshop is small and only a few spaces are available. This is not a workshop for pure beginners with no industry experience. Please register only if you are an industry professional actively working or are experienced in the industry either as a director or another industry artist transitioning into a directing career.

  • Be an actor to understand actors. 

  • Communicate your plan of action efficiently, effectively and creatively.

  • Be a script detective who can not only understand tone and subtext in a script, but identify possibilities within the material that you can activate with actors on set.

  • Sense an actors abilities and know how to quickly use them to their fullest.

  • Use your strengths. Your directing, your way. Tap into your instinct, and know how to really motivate your gut instinct.

  • Getting it all done on time. Creativity on someone else’s schedule. 

  • Speak acting language with directors motivation.

How we do it:

* You are worked out like an actor in a class with actors hand picked to work alongside you. Doing the same work they do, using the same language they use, rehearsing as they do, getting notes and critique just as they do. You prepare as an actor and work in class the same way. This portion of the workshop teaches you first hand how to think like an actor, understand the thoughts an actor has and how to look at material from that perspective. 

* We work quickly and intensively, and force you to make strong choices from your gut and apply them quickly. You then witness alongside you the actors doing the same work. You will rehearse directly with them as an actor yourself and see how what they apply and attempt gets them to the moment.

* You are assigned scenes to direct the actors in. You are given different rehearsal parameters than a film or TV set to begin with allowing you more time to explore the material and collaborate with the actors before making any blocking choices and even then, you are given freedoms with your blocking to explore the possibilities that exist just with actors, without cameras.

* Then you are given a new scene with different time constraints and parameters to work in after you have experienced a different way of exploring.

* The actors will provide feedback back in structured settlings to their directors.

Need to know's:

* You must attend both days.

* There will be material assigned prior to the workshop. Scenes you will be directing, and scenes and monologues you will be acting. Criteria for preparation for the acting work will be sent along with the materials. All materials are sent approximately one to two weeks prior to the workshop.

* Required Reading.

1) Please purchase and read ACTING 2.0 by Anthony Abeson prior to attending. You can find the book on Amazon.

2) You will be sent a PDF copy of Lisina Stoneburner's book NOTES FROM CLASS once you enroll. If you wish to have a hard copy you can purchase it on Amazon. This is a book of easy reference notes and quotes, it will be a quick read. Please have it with you at the workshop for reference. 

* You will meet the actors you are directing on the day of the workshop.


Saturday April 18th and Sunday April 19th

A full weekend. Must be able to attend both days in full.

Saturday 18th 1:00-8:00pm / Sunday 19th 11:00am-7:00pm

Fee: $750.00



The Company Acting Studio 

5269 Buford Highway Suite 18 Doraville, GA. 30340

If you wish to pay by cash or check, DO NOT fill out the forms online,

email John Stoneburner at to register.


Full payments or deposits of half are required to register and hold a space.

Refunds are given up until two weeks before the workshop. After that no refunds are provided.

Please be sure you check the email you register and pay with. We will contact you via this email.

Remaining balance is due in full no later than one week prior to the workshop. Notices of payment due will be emailed.

Can be made in 3 payments. Notices of payment due will be emailed.Total balance is due in full no later than one week prior to the workshop. 

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