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"Lisina has the skills, instincts and experience every director needs by their side on set.  She’s the perfect creative partner.  She listens to your moment-to-moment creative intention — and once she’s locked in, she’s watching your cast even when you are pulled away — keeping them focused and engaged.  On set, Lisina responds intuitively in the moment with imaginative ideas and suggestions to help me get the very best out of my young actors.  


I rely on her to have my actors prepared for the work of the day.  Her rehearsals are thorough, imaginative and explorative.  Whether it’s a day with deep, emotional content or lighthearted playfulness, she follows the map you give her to craft tools that empower your cast to win the day."


—Todd Holland, Director

"Lisina has a way of being able to quickly analyze performance to find effective, precise ways to adjust performance in a way that is always respectful and nurturing to the performer. 

As a director, her teachings are invaluable tools on set where time is of the essence. I use her methods constantly. Having this knowledge helps me to stay calm under pressure, shape performance and gives me multiple ways to communicate with actors who have different approaches to their craft and different communication needs. If one approach doesn't work, I always have another in my "toolbox" thanks to Lisina."

~ Lauren Petzke, Director

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"​​Lisina should be identified as a "Professional Potential Finder." Her ability to find and then draw out aspects of her students' imaginary life is absolutely incredible - especially aspects of which the student might not be aware. It's all about the Process with Lisina. She is a pro at meeting you with empathy and helping you to find the empathy in yourself to then inject into your character's life, and then into the life of the story.  Honestly, I wish she could be with me on and off set!"

~ Dan Johnson, Actor

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"Lisina has been such a great coach and constant source of support on set. Her understanding of story and objective has been a huge help to me. And as a seasoned actor herself, she’s able to communicate and play with the material in a way that makes the work organic and explorative. Her instincts are always spot on and she’s made me more confidant on camera. Cannot recommend her enough! Just an incredible person to have in your corner."


Thanks Lisina! 

~ Ben Levin, Actor

"I’ve been training with Lisina and The Company for the last twelve years.

I truly would not be the person or actor I am today without Lisina’s guidance and wisdom.

Lisina knows how to perfectly breakdown a scene and any character in a way that is

approachable as well as understandable. She’s taught me to love the craft while appreciating

the process. There is no one more genuine, encouraging, passionate, or magical as Lisina.


I’m beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to work closely with her throughout the years.

Lisina is my biggest cheerleader and I absolutely love her with my entire heart."

~ Courtney Cummings, Actor


"I experienced more growth in my first year at the studio than I had in years of training before, not only in the craft but in my career. In an often tough industry Lisina is truly on the actor’s side and champions her students along the way."

~ Byron Wigfall, Actor


"If you want to be a professional working actor, you need to learn how to act, by studying the craft of acting.  It is a skill set you develop over time with hard work and practice.  The Company Acting Studio teaches you how to train your instrument and work as a professional by exposing you to a well rounded curriculum. 


I started my acting journey here at level 1, and over a decade later I am still going back for class and private coaching.  This place breeds well trained actors, which is what agents, managers, and casting directors love to see.  They give you the tools and teach you how to use them, you just have to practice. 


Lisina and her team have the experience and expertise whether you want to dabble and have a fun hobby, or hold a heavy golden statuette one day."   

~Omer Mughal, Actor


"Having Lisina on set with me everyday has allowed me to never

second guess my choices as an actor. Knowing in between takes,

I'm able to collaborate and bounce ideas off someone who I'm comfortable with,

on a professional and personal level.


I have seen great improvements in my work under the teachings of Lisina

and would highly recommend anyone SERIOUS about there craft to enroll

in a class at The Company Acting Studio."


~ Michael Trevino, Actor

"Lisina Stoneburner teaches a variety of techniques that help actors connect to their craft and to the material they are working on. She gave me tools to feel more confident in my auditions and to explore characters on a deeper level.”


~ Dinah Manoff, Tony Award Winning Actor


"Lisina is the best. Hands down. One class with her and you’ll know, without a doubt, that being an acting teacher and coach is in her blood. Training with her has not only helped me discover and grow into the kind of actor I want to be, but the kind of person I want to be. Her training speaks to the actor’s whole being and reminds us to utilize all of our senses in the exploration of a character.


I’ve honestly never experienced anyone who can communicate with actors as brilliantly and effectively as she does. It’s truly a gift. She teaches us how to do the kind of work that breathes life into each scene and enables us to find the WHY that fuels the words. There’s a science to this art and Lisina has a way of marrying the two seamlessly. She equips us with all the tools (technical and artistic) to create freely, and without fear.


Because of her, I’ve developed a level of confidence in my work that I never had before. Words cannot fully express how thankful I am to be one of her students."  

~ Aja Morgan, Actor

"Lisina took me from 0-60 in minutes. She's incredible and very much a part of the Vampire Diaries family. I love talking about scenes with her and working through different emotions.


She's taught me incredible techniques that I in 17 years of acting hadn't used before. She's amazing, and I'm grateful to be working with such a phenomenal teacher and person."


~ Katerina Graham, Actor

"First up, Lisina is an exceptionally well read, practiced and experienced coach. She has the intuition to be able to guide

you into new areas of your craft that you are often unable to accomplish on your own. 


She not only guided me brilliantly through 11 episodes on the Vampire Diaries, she opened my mind and imagination to more

creative, new and interesting choices.

And on top of all that she pushed my own acting craft to the next level and I am forever grateful to her for it."


~ Rick Cosnett, Actor

"Each time I work with Lisina, she helps me deepen my exploration of a scene. My work with her encourages me to focus on furthering my personal process, as well as be brave and very distinct with my choices. She has been immensely helpful at a transitional point in my career. She's one rad lady."


                                         ~ Sara Canning, Actor

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