"First up, Lisina is an exceptionally well

read, practiced and experienced coach. 

She has the intuition to be able to guide

you into new areas of your craft that you

are often unable to accomplish on your

own. She not only guided me brilliantly

through 11 episodes on the Vampire Diaries, 

she opened my mind and imagination to more

creative, new and interesting choices.

And on top of all that she pushed my own

acting craft to the next level and I am

forever grateful to her for it."


~ Rick Cosnett, Actor







"Each time I work with Lisina, she helps me deepen my exploration of a scene. My work with her encourages me to focus on furthering my personal process, as well as be brave and very distinct with my choices. She has been immensely helpful at a transitional point in my career. She's one rad lady."


                                         ~ Sara Canning, Actress










"Lisina Stoneburner teaches a variety of techniques that help actors connect to their craft and to the material they are working on. She gave me tools to feel more confident in my auditions and to explore characters on a deeper level.”


~ Dinah Manoff, Tony Award Winning Actress







"Lisina took me from 0- minutes. She's incredible and very much a part of the Vampire Diaries family. I love talking about scenes with her and working through different emotions. She's taught me incredible techniques that I in 17 years of acting hadn't used before. She's amazing, and I'm grateful to be working with such a phenomenal teacher and person."


~ Katerina Graham, Actress





"Having Lisina on set with me everyday has allowed me to never second guess my choices as an actor. Knowing in between takes, I'm able to collaborate and bounce ideas off someone who I'm comfortable with, on a professional and personal level. I have seen great improvements in my work under the teachings of Lisina and would highly recommend anyone SERIOUS about there craft to enroll in a class at The Company Acting Studio."


~ Michael Trevino, Actor




"I remember when I walked into my first class at The Company Acting Studio with Lisina...I was incredibly shy, nervous, and afraid to step out of my comfort zone. She immediately began working with me to build confidence and helped me take risks with the choices I made in scenes. She pushed me further than anyone else ever has, but always in the most caring way. Because of her, I have confidence in myself and in the choices I make, and the ability to walk into a casting office and make a lasting impression. Many of the lessons she has taught me I still carry with me today. Not just in my work, but also throughout my life.They are invaluable."


~ Mahaley Manning, Actress


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